English language course
in Bath ? - Great Britain
From 16/09/2018 till 22/09/2018

English language course
Language levels = Beginner, Intermediate, High

in Bath ? - Great Britain
Deposit payment.
Balance payment.
Before 15/07/2018
Home stay accommodation (breakfast + dinner),
Lunch at: International buffet restaurant
Account name = BT ITF
IBAN = GB30 ABBY 0901 2853 9415 08

Payment by transfer to the specified bank account is prefered. You can make this transfer even if your currency is not the euro. Please use the account PayPal of Eurojumelages onIy when you have great difficulty making the payment. In this case you will have to increase the amount to be paid by 4.5% compared to the initial amount. After your registration go to the menu 'Payments', on top of this screen or click on the folIowing icon

Participants must be minimum 18 years old.

Pour plus d’information : Armando Tellez-Velasco

15 hours tuition, (8.30 - 11.45)

Cultural, social and evening programme.
Guided walking city tour of Bath (18th Century architecture), visit to Bath Abbey, River boat trip or Punting on the river Avon, City view walk followed by English cream tea at the Holburne Museum, American Museum and Gardens, Twilight tour of the Roman Baths. The Jane Austen (English novelist) festival takes place during the week.

Additional optional activities included:
Murder mystery, Culture quest, Pub crawl night

Special dinner (all participants) on Friday 16th September at an elegant restaurant venue.