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Activity =OSCAR Dijon (France) 2013
From 10/07/2013 till 14/07/2013

in Dijon (France)

(walking and cycling)
Organizer = Jumelage LPFT Côte d'Or
Deposit payment.
Balance payment.
Centre de Rencontres Internationales et de séjour de Dijon                         
1 avenue Champollion
21000 Dijon

20 ch 1lit douche WC
65 ch 2lits douche WC
chambres de 4 personnes
La banque Postale, centre financier de Dijon

IBAN : FR82 2004 1010 0404 0400 7B02 541

Payment by transfer to the specified bank account is prefered. You can make this transfer even if your currency is not the euro. Please use the account PayPal of Eurojumelages onIy when you have great difficulty making the payment. In this case you will have to increase the amount to be paid by 4.5% compared to the initial amount. After your registration go to the menu 'Payments', on top of this screen or click on the folIowing icon

Price of stay:
Room with two beds: 300 per person.
• Room single: € 360.
Four bed room: 260 per person.

The price includes:
Sheets and towels.

Registration must always be done here, and in no case by phone or mail.
Arrhes retenus pour annulation après le 15 juin 2013
Additional insurance

Each participant must make their own insurance arrangements against participation in the event and accidents encountered during their stay. BTITF, Eurojumelages or the organisers of the event are not liable or responsible
for any damages or liabilities incurred by any of the participants in the UK OSCAR.

Jumelage LPFT 21    
tel.: +33 (0)3 80 46 31 54
email :
Mercredi 10 : arrivée des partcipants

Jeudi 11 :
vélo 2 groupes;
marche 2 groupes.

Vendredi 12
vélo 2 groupes
marche 2 groupe.

Samedi 13
Besançon, visite de la citadelle, promenade en bateau sur le Doubs
Feux d'artifices en soirée à St Apollinaire
Option 1
For 2 days

Cycling - group 1 - up to 220 km

Cycling - group 2 - up to 120 km

Walking - group 1 - up to 40 km
Walking - group 2 - up to 30 km

Neither cycling, nor walking: your activity will be proposed on the spot by the organizers

Option 2
Size of the T shirt

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