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Activity =Hot Air Ballooning Europa 2014
From 05/07/2014 till 28/09/2014

Hot Air Ballooning
in Europa

(balloon activity)
Organizer = Ipswich
Deposit payment.
Balance payment.
Self catering shared accommodation in a rental house.
Approximately 400 Euros in a double room
Approximately 400 Euros in a single room

Approximately 400 Euros in a shared twin-bedded room

 There will be an additional contribution of about 50 Euros per flight.

Note: All collective costs for travel for crew, retrieve car, balloon trailer, diesel fuel, propane gas, food and accommodation are shared by those participating.

Balloon flights are at dawn so there is a need to be up at 05:30.
All balloon flights are dependent upon the weather.
There are some balloon flights in the late afternoon.
Deposit refund only available if your place is taken by another person as accommodation and travel costs have to be paid in advance.
Additional insurance
Every participant must take out their own personal accident insurance.
Tony Gould  
+44 7711 196768
Hot air balloon flight every morning, dependent upon the weather.
Sightseeing in the local area for the rest of the day.
There are some balloon flights in the late afternoon.

EJ Todi one 5-12 July 2014 (click here)
EJ Todi two 12-19 July 2014 (click here)
EJ Mondovi 20-26 July 2014 (click here)
EJ Pareid 27 July - 2 August 2014 (click here)
EJ Velen 3 - 10 August 2014 (click here)
EJ Ireland 20 - 28 September 2014 (click here)

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