VillandryRencontre franco-allemande, Clermont-Ferrand Nuremberg du 12 au 18 juin 2022 à Amboise.

Enfin nous avons pu nous retrouver cette année après avoir annulé en 2020 et 2021 suite à la pandémie.

Nous avions choisi le Val de Loire et nous avons pas à regretter ce choix, territoire aux multiples facettes entre son patrimoine historique et ces paysages naturels. Nous avons vécu pendant une semaine une vie de château et remonté le temps de l'époque médiévale aux grandes royautés.

Eurojumelages invited boules players to the 11th International Boule Tournament. JUMELAGES EUROPÉENS de la Poste et de France Télécom of the association of Strasbourg was responsible for the organization of the event

The Boulodrom is located in Strasbourg's leisure park directly by the Rhine. It is an extensive boules facility with many playing fields and a sports hall which is only used for playing boules during bad weather. Opposite the Boulodrom, the Europe Bridge crosses the Rhine and leads to Kehl in Germany.

girona22 graben 170Only a few months after the language course in Benidorm (November 2021), we were surprised to hear that another Spanish language course would be held from 24th – 30th April in Girona! I was a bit surprised when I heard where it would take place!

Girona is in Catalonia, and there, in contrast to the capital Barcelona, they really do speak "catalá". My Spanish friends were also very amused that I should undertake to learn Spanish here. But the "real" Catalans also speak Spanish, and many people who have moved here from other regions of Spain speak Spanish anyway, even if they often speak Catalan in everyday life.

In Sémur-en-Auxois in Burgundy hosted the last big OSCAR in 2019. We parted to meet again in Wrocław/Poland in 2020. But then OSCAR 2020 had to be cancelled. Now it's 2022 and things are finally starting to come back to normal.

This year's OSCAR was organized by the French section of Lille by Sylvie Henry and her team. It took place at the Madame Vacances resort at the ValJoly reservoir near Eppe-Sauvage in the Ardennes, 2 km distant from the Belgian border. Monday 27th June 2022: 85 participants arrived during the afternoon: 48 from France, 33 from Germany, 2 from Great Britain and 2 from Switzerland.

The first jumeleurs arrived in heavy rain, but fortunately the weather improved.