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Activity =XXXII edition of the National Games of CTT - Castelo Branco (Portugal) - 2023
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From 08/06/2023 till 11/06/2023

XXXII edition of the National Games of CTT
in Castelo Branco (Portugal)

(Sport meeting)
Organizer = CDCR dos CTT
Double room
180 €
180 €
Single room
250 €
250 €
Deposit payment.
Balance payment.
After the confirmation by the organizer.
Wait for confirmation before buying plane or train tickets.

Hotel Rainha D. Amélia, Arts & Leisure
Rua Santiago 15
6000-179 Castelo Branco - Portugal

T: (+351) 272 348 800



Participants are to indicate which activity they intend to participate in.

The disciplines and number of places are:
Athletics: 5000m (4 men)
Athletics: 3000m (2 ladies)
Clay Pigeon Shooting (2 places)
Table – Tennis (3 places)
Chess (2 places)
Darts (2 places)
Draughts (2 places)
Snooker (2 places)
Bowling (4 places)
Lawn Tennis (3 places)
Sportive fishing (2 places)

Account name = Bank Santander Totta - CDCR dos CTT Portugal a/c Rui Alves Cabaço
IBAN = PT50 0018 0000 3854 0540 0019 8
Reference = Castelo Branco 2023

The organizer will provide transport from Lisbon to Castelo Branco on the 8th June 2023 and return to Lisbon on the 11th June in the afternoon after the closing ceremony and lunch. It is therefore important that participants arrive in Lisbon on 7th June and return to their homes very late on the 11th June, or some day(s) before and after – Lisbon is a wonderful city and well worth a short stay to discover! Accomodation to suit every budget is widely available, however early bookings are advised. Please note that travel from participants homes and stay(s) in Lisbon will be to the account of the participants.
The price displayed includes the cost of participation in the National Games, transport from Lisbon to Castelo Branco and back, 3 nights accommodation in Hotel Rainha Dona Amelia in Castelo Branco plus all meals.

Equipment: Participants are required to bring with them any equipment and attire they usually use in their chosen sport/discipline. This is not applicable in the case of chess, draughts, snooker and billiards!

Additional insurance

The organizer provides insurance for the event and participants during the event. It is up to participants to decide whether to take out insurance against any risk they may incur or cause during their whole travel/stay in Portugal.

John Saliba 
 Rui Cabaço

CDCR dos CTT Portugal has the pleasure to invite Eurojumelages members to participate in the XXXII edition of the National Games of CTT (Portugal Posts). The Games will be held in Castelo Branco, Portugal between 8th and 11th June 2023.
The National Games are organised by our club, CDCR dos CTT, every two years since 1965, in a different city. The National Games consist of sporting and cultural events where Postal employees are the main protagonists. The participation rate is quite high and averages about 700 persons. The highest officials of the Portuguese Posts (CTT), the members of the National Assembly of CDCR dos CTT and the President of Eurojumelages, Mr. Peter Backes, will be present in Castelo Branco.

For the first time, we have the honour and the pleasure to give these games an international flavour, and we would like to issue an invitation for 30 persons from the Eurojumelages family to take part in the games together with the Portuguese participants. For practical reasons, the invitation is being limited to disciplines where competition is for individuals. Participants are to indicate CLEARLY which activity they intend to participate in.
Since the National Games are primarily intended for entrants from CTT- Portugal Posts, the results of external participants (from EJ members outside Portugal) will be unofficial. Nevertheless, the external participants will also be classified according to their results and will be awarded prizes. Everyone is assured of a great time playing the sport, discipline or game that is dear to their heart!

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