Peter Backes     Editorial

Dear friends of the Eurojumelages,

The Corona pandemic has been going on for more than a year now, and personal contacts and joint activities within the Eurojumelages have not been possible since then.

It is important to us that the friends of the Eurojumelages keep in touch during this time and find out how their friends in the other member countries are doing during the pandemic.

We will therefore publish reports on the pandemic from the individual member countries on the Eurojumelages homepage.

Our authors report how they themselves and the people around them are experiencing the Corona situation, what restrictions they are experiencing, but also about hope, hope for vaccination ...

Read the first report from our Twinners, Michaela Alber and Edeltraud Hübner from Germany!...

We share the hopeful thoughts in today's report and hope for a lively association life soon.

So be sure to check out the interesting, compassionate and close-up reports...


Yours Peter Backes