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Peter at the12th International Boule Tournament in Marburg

“Dear friends of Eurojumelages,
as president of Eurojumelages it is important for me to get to know you personally at regional as well as national events. Each section has different wishes and requirements for our organization. Personal contact is very important to me so that we can do justice to the wishes and concerns of the individual sections in addition to our great common goal of European international understanding.
In this way, suggestions and requests for changes can be discussed together with my Board members and incorporated into the work of Eurojumelages. The boule Tournament at Marburg was another such opportunity"..

marboule kugel 170The 12th International Boule Tournament of Eurojumelages Germany took place on 29th July 2023 in the university town of Marburg.

35 jumeleurs accepted the invitation to participate in the tournament Organized by the Marburg association of Eurojumelages Germany and they travelled from various German associations and France.

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