Peter Backes     Editorial

Speech OSCAR 2024 - Métabief, 13 June 2024

 Dear friends of the Eurojumelages,

At this year's OSCAR we miss a great jumeleur and dear friend who has suddenly passed away.

Let us pause for a moment to remember Paul Pantzer.

OSCAR 2024 is coming to an end.

On behalf of Eurojumelages, I would like to thank Chantal and her team for the excellent organization; this OSCAR will also be remembered fondly.

Personally, I was delighted that this year's OSCAR could take place here in Métabief, the birthplace of the OSCAR, so to speak.

I am particularly pleased that the ‘father of the OSCAR’, André Rousselot, is also with us.

Dear André, dear Elise, you literally “set the Eurojumelages in motion” - with cycling and walking. Even after more than 30 years, the enthusiasm for the OSCAR is as great as ever. This year, there are once again around 110 participants, despite the fact that no large prize money is awarded as at other sporting events.

The organization of the OSCAR here in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region is an opportunity for me to thank you most sincerely for your great commitment. This sporting event is a living example of the friendly ties within the Eurojumelages." 

Jointly organized sport connects people across cultural and linguistic borders and brings people together, in line with the idea of Eurojumelages.

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to two other sporting events:

The 13th International Boules Tournament will take place on 24 August in Mulhouse.

I would also like to promote the CDCR dos CTT National Games, which will be held in Bragança, Portugal, in 2025.

CDCR dos CTT has been a member of Eurojumelages since 2022.

It is a matter close to my heart that as many jumeleurs as possible take part in this event. I'm sure there will be one or two interested parties among the many sports enthusiasts here. I was able to attend this event twice as a guest and was delighted!

Furthermore I'm very happy that some of you will be coming to Aachen for the multi-section meeting of my Bonn section.

I hope that we will all meet again safe and sound - at the latest at OSCAR 2025 in Germany.

 Michaela Alber, Chairwoman of Eurojumelages Germany, will be announcing more details on this.

Finally, I wish you a pleasant evening with many interesting conversations.

Vive l'Eurojumelages!

Thank you very much                           

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