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EUROJUMELAGES is a European non-profit association, which brings together federations, twinning associations, associations that can make a dynamic contribution and comprises postal or telecommunications companies, their employees (as long as there is no federation or association in the country concerned), or any other entity having a relationship with the postal or telecommunications sectors, from the various countries of Europe, including the Russian Federation, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and Switzerland

The head office is located in France. The total number of members currently stands at 11,000 and these come from 12 European countries.

The aims and objectives of EUROJUMELAGES are :
- to promote the realisation of the fundamental purpose of twinning associations, namely, by twinning between European countries, between cities, between administrative districts or between services, to bring people and their families closer together on the human level;
- to maintain and consolidate the twinning spirit of encouraging and supporting friendly understanding and understanding among peoples within the framework of common professions;
- to promote professional exchanges and disseminate information on new technologies related to the postal or telecommunications sectors;
- to make every effort to promote social, intellectual, philanthropic, literary and artistic relations by promoting and enabling exchanges between young people, staff, in service or in retirement, through family meetings and joint meetings, by linguistic activities and all other actions to bring people closer together.