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Activity =I nightly hiking and cycling - Kashubia (Poland) - 2017
The map
The weather
In 05/2017

I nightly hiking and cycling
in Kashubia (Poland)

(hiking and cycling)
Organizer = Stowarzyszenia EuroJumelages w Gorzowie Wlkp.
Deposit payment.
Balance payment.
After the confirmation by the organizer.
Before 30/04/2016

Vélo (60-70 km)
Rando (20km)

Paiement  en EURO
Adam Poholski
IBAN: DE 92 6001 0070 0680 9927 05          BIC: PBNKDEFF  (Postbank)
Mot-clé: ?


Stowarzyszenie EuroJumelages
IBAN : PL 70 1320 1016 3254 5559 2000 0001       BIC(SWIFT) : POCZPLP4
Bank : Bank Pocztowy S.A.
Mot-clé: ?

Payment by transfer to the specified bank account is prefered. You can make this transfer even if your currency is not the euro. Please use the account PayPal of Eurojumelages onIy when you have great difficulty making the payment. In this case you will have to increase the amount to be paid by 4.5% compared to the initial amount. After your registration go to the menu 'Payments', on top of this screen or click on the folIowing icon


Wenn Sie Ihre Teilnahme bis zum 30/04/2017 abbrechen, werden Sie nach den Kosten bereits durch den Veranstalter verrechnet. Nach diesem Datum ist keine Rückerstattung mehr vorgenommen werden.

Additional insurance

Everyone has to take its own health insurance as it is personal.


Adam Poholski:
tel. +48 502 016 114

Vous trouverez les dernières informations sur www.jumelages.org.pl

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