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Activity =NEPTUN - Masuria lakes - 2009
From 18/06/2009 till 21/06/2009

in Masuria lakes

(Sailing week-end)
Organizer = Bielsko-Biała
Deposit payment.
Balance payment.
Hotel / Yacht
Bank Account
ING Bank Slaski
Account name is
Marian Fabian

IBAN : PL 87 1050 1214 1000 0090 6101 3661
Marian Fabian
tel. +48 501638330

Tomasz Joskow
tel. +48 01530589


Eurojumelages Poland the Local Section

The section Bielsko-Biała

Neptun 2009

18-21 June 2009r


The scheduled meeting will take place near on the lake Mamry which are most advanced north a lake of the Mazurian shipping route.

Within the framework of of the stay will take place the two-day cruise on the lake Mamry on yachts of the type the Tango 780. During the cruise is provided for also the sightseeing of bunkers in Mamerki and mucuses on the Mazurian Channel which determines ancient monuments of the technical culture. The quarters will be in the nautical watch-tower Kietlice of situated on the west bank of the lake Mamry. In the second day of the stay the night′s lodging provided for is on the yacht.

The cost of the stay per person €230.

We ask for notifying 5-these personal crews the inclusion with the steersman (or 4 personal we assure the steersman).

Notifications please to direct to 31-03-2009.

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