2024: International friendship meeting on the island of Fehmarn

(Organized by the Dresden Association from 25th May to 1st June 2024)

03a Plattdeutsch für Anfänger 170On the day of arrival, the organizers were eagerly waiting for the jumeleurs from Dresden's partner associations: Strasbourg (France) and German-speaking Switzerland, as well as from the friendly associations Ticino, Braga, Regensburg and Berlin. The welcome and the joy at seeing each other again were truly wonderful.

In all, a total of 82 participants from seven associations participated in our friendship meeting on Fehmarn. There were:


2024: Oscar in Métabief

oscar24 oscar gewinner 170This year's OSCAR was organized between 10th – 14th June by Chantal and her team from the French association of Dijon and took place at the Village Vacances AZUREVA Métabief, in the French Jura.

Over 100 participants had registered: from France, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland. As always in OSCAR, there were 2 days of walking and cycling. There were 2 walking groups and 2 cycling groups.


2024: CA in Foz do Arelho (Portugal) - Guest program

bonn b0 170The Eurojumelages Management Board meeting took place in Foz do Arelho from 10 to 44 April 2023.

Wednesday: the arrivals followed one another with a well-organised welcome at the airport, according to the times announced.
Thursday: departure in convoy at 10am. Three CDCR cars with qualified drivers are at our disposal: Joâo Campos, Duarte Mateus and John Saliba..



2024: Skiing in the Dolomites (Pozza di Fassa) from 21st – 28th January

pozza1 170After some people praised the ski week in Pozza at last year's Oscar, I decided to take part after all, especially as I think the area in Val di Fassa is really beautiful and I was very interested in the pistes there.
We were a very large group, as the participants from Alsace had come in a large coach. However, it wasn't just Jumeleurs, as we teamed up with another group of hikers and skiers to make the journey by coach possible.
Due to the large number of participants, there were inevitably several groups with different activities, so I can only describe those that I took part in myself.