Spanish course in Benidorm
Province of Alicante, Community of Valencia 
7 to 11th November, 2021

beni lang k001We begin this report with the genesis of the adventure and the much desired initiative of Antonia from Valencia Jumelages, inviting us to this Spanish course. Obliged to abandon the reunion planned in Murcia in 2020 as a consequence of the health issues of our dear and very devoted organiser, Camilo, and also due to this damned pandemic together with lockdown, our disappointment was enormous. I take this opportunity to pass on our best regards to Camilo who has led us for so long on the roads to the discovery of Spain, its language, patrimony and traditions. Thank you Camilo. We think of you a lot. I am not forgetting Maria Louisa and her Madrid team’s investment who concocted gatherings that remain vivid in our memories. I, we, are deeply grateful to them. Antonia picked up the flickering flame of our exchanges. We appreciate her dedication and we express our most sincere friendship. As soon as the offer was published hope was rekindled and the inscriptions flowed in.