2024: Skiing in the Dolomites (Pozza di Fassa) from 21st – 28th January

pozza1 170After some people praised the ski week in Pozza at last year's Oscar, I decided to take part after all, especially as I think the area in Val di Fassa is really beautiful and I was very interested in the pistes there.
We were a very large group, as the participants from Alsace had come in a large coach. However, it wasn't just Jumeleurs, as we teamed up with another group of hikers and skiers to make the journey by coach possible.
Due to the large number of participants, there were inevitably several groups with different activities, so I can only describe those that I took part in myself.

2023: “In the sun of Benidorm”

beni23 view2 170Two Eurojumelages events took place in Benidorm between 5th and 11th November, 2023. The events were “In the Benidorm sun" and a Spanish language course; there were 54 participating in these events.

Concurrently, the annual congress of the Asociaciones de Personas Mayores de Telefónica took place, with participants from all major cities in Spain. The Mayores de Telefónica de Valencia group and the Jumelages AHET Valencia had organized a very interesting week-long programme.

 2023: Walking at OSCAR in the Swabian Alb

Tuesday 12th September 

oscar23 Karlshöhle 3 170Walk to the Bear's Cave ( walking group 2)

Walking group 2 consisting of the leader Werner Ruckwied and 38 other participants set off at 9:30 a.m for the approx. 10-kilometre walk. There were also 3 Jumeleurs from Ulm. First we went downhill from the Sonnenmatte and then through the village of Erpfingen to the town hall and the guest's house.

2023: Cyclists at the OSCAR on the Swabian Alb

Tuesday 12th September

oscar23 Radgruppe vorbereitunga 300After breakfast and with a packed lunch, we met in front of the holiday village around 9.30 am. The thermometer at the holiday village showed 23 degrees and it was cloudy. The weather forecast predicted possible rain for the late afternoon. We were sent documentation in advance; I had printed it out and had it with me. Christian gave a short speech and Sigrid explained that she would be available with her car and bike rack.