multi eventsEurojumelages offers a wide variety of events in the areas of language courses, sports and culture. Every member of a section in the Eurojumelages network can participate in these events. Events are organized by one section or by several sections working together., if it is a large event.


language courseThe language courses take place in the country of which you want to learn the language. They usually last about a week. There are usually 4 hours of lessons in the mornings in various language levels. In the afternoon there are excursions and visits with guided tours in the local language. The highlights are the meals together in an international ambience, where the person sitting next to the table on the right may speak a different mother tongue than the person on the left or the person sitting across from the table. This is very funny.

oscarThe sporting events such as cycling, walking, canoeing, skiing take place in groups that are adapted to the physical fitness of the participants and can have 10 - 150 participants depending on the type of event. The athletic performance doesn’t count, but at some events there is a trophy that the section or the country that sent the most participants can win. Many of the sporting events are held in the same way each year, but in a different region or country.


The cultural offer is usually a trip to an interesting area in a European country. Here, too, you can find an international atmosphere, because the participants come from different member countries.