chappe winkelcThe story of Eurojumelages began in 1959, when Europe was witnessing an era of new optimism and peace: Alexandre Chappé from the Post Office in Troyes / France extended the hand of friendship to the Central Postal Service in Darmstadt / Germany (Hans Winkel). From this simple, yet bold gesture, a partnership between postal workers in Darmstadt and Troyes developed and served as a model for further partnerships between members of German and French postal administrations. France and Germany are neighbours in the heart of Europe and are linked by a centuries-long, eventful and sometimes turbulent history.  

The friendship shared by Alexander Chappe’ and Hans Winkel served to transmit a message of hope, peace and friendship and this message reached many other PTT workers who organised themselves in local associations (sections); these in turn  join together to become national federations.

Within the framework of the formation of the European Community and later the European Union, many PTT’s in European countries followed this development and formed their own sections and associations. New partnerships emerged.

In 1984 the international association UIJPTT was founded and became the pan-Europeantwinning organisation; the organisation was re-branded in 2007 and adopted the name of  Eurojumelages.

Eurojumelages currently comprises 13 European member countries (Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland).

The de-regulation of Postal and Telecommunication Authorities and the subsequent privatisation of established companies together with the entry of new players in the P&T sectors has also required Eurojumelages to adapt to this new reality. It is in this regard that Eurojumelages is now open  to all interested persons who support the aims and ideals of Eurojumelages.

Notwithstanding  all the changes, the main goal of the Eurojumelages  remains "Promoting Understanding between peoples in Europe".

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