2022: 11th International Boule Tournament

 Eurojumelages invited boules players to the 11th International Boule Tournament. JUMELAGES EUROPÉENS de la Poste et de France Télécom of the association of Strasbourg was responsible for the organization of the event

The Boulodrom is located in Strasbourg's leisure park directly by the Rhine. It is an extensive boules facility with many playing fields and a sports hall which is only used for playing boules during bad weather. Opposite the Boulodrom, the Europe Bridge crosses the Rhine and leads to Kehl in Germany.

Together with the invitation and registration forms, we had also received a map showing the walking and driving route from the hotel to the venue. Some participants who, like us, had arrived a day earlier, used this to familiarise themselves with the boules facility and the playing areas.

boule peter paul 250On Saturday at 10:00 am sharp and in bright sunshine, we were welcomed by the President of Eurojumelages, Peter Backes, and the Strasbourg "Chef de Mission" Paul Pantzer. They were pleased that a total of 42 jumeleurs had come from Germany and France. Both wished everyone interesting and exciting games, a good and safe throwing hand. The tournament was officially declared open at 10:30 am.

This was followed by the composition of the team pairs and and the drawing up of the fixtures. A difficulty arose because some registered players unexpectedly did not appear. In order that everyone could play, a modified triplette tournament was formed. There were 16 teams and two teams of 3 and 3 or 3 and 2 players played against each other. But each team always had 6 balls.

boule gruppe sitz 300It became clear once again that boules is also a tactical team sport, where it is important to consider together about how to place the next ball as close as possible to the red target ball, the so-called piggy, or how to "shoot" the opponent's ball as far away from the piggy as possible. With 13 points you were declared the winner. The loser's points were also counted and were important for the later ranking in the overall field of participants. We played four rounds. Each time the partners in the team were changed and a new opponent was also determined.

After the first two rounds, there was a break during which the President of the association of Strasbourg, Carmen Campion, expressed warm greetings and wished us successful final rounds.

boule buffet 250The friends of the hosting club Boule Strasbourgeoise du Rhin had provided juicy steaks, bratwurst, various salads, dessert with honeydew melon, Black Forest gateau and plenty of wine and other drinks. We would like to thank these friends for their hospitality and super service. Merci.

Fortified in body and with good spirit, we began the last decisive rounds in the afternoon, again in a new composition, and finished them after exciting games.

During another rest break with refreshing drinks, the points achieved were then counted for each player and the difference in points to the other players was determined.

The evaluation gave the following result:

1st place: Reinhard Schoos, Bonn

2nd place: Peter Keller, Friedrichshafen

3rd place: Karola Rosowski, Darmstadt

4th place: Rolf Wojewodka, Darmstadt

5th place: Maggy Schwandt, Bonn

boule beim essen 250At the award ceremony, accompanied by cheerful applause, the winners were honoured and presented with gifts; the player with the fewest points also received a consolation trophy with words of encouragement. The invitation to dinner then followed.

We spent wonderful hours with good food and, of course, wine and spirits. We also reminisced about previous tournaments in France and Germany. Together with Peter Backes and Paul Pantzer we talked about "Jumelages life" in the associations and also discussed the future of our Eurojumelages movement with our French friends. We also discussed possible locations for the next tournament, due to take place in Germany.


boule gruppe 900

We said goodbye late at night, wished each other a good night’s sleep and a safe return home the next day.See you next time: au revoir, adjö, auf Wiedersehen

Britt Haller and Rolf Wojewodka
Association of Darmstadt