2023: CA Bonn- Guest program

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The Eurojumelages Management Board meeting took place in Bonn from 20 to 24 April 2023.

Twenty-six people were present, including seven accompanying members.

On Friday morning, while the board members were working, Carola and Gaby (Eurojumelages Bonn), welcomed us and accompanied us on a metro trip to Cologne.



bonn b1 300Our guided tour by "natives of Cologne", Hanne and Harald Schmiedel was able to begin. We started with the oldest perfumery in the world still existing, founded in 1709, and its museum. That's a certain Giovanni Maria Farina, Italian chemist of his state, which is attributed the invention of "Eau de Cologne".


Then, before lunch, Hanna introduced us to a humorous style of history, which represents the women who have lived in Cologne during the two thousand years of history of this city founded by the Romans. This stele is a fine example of the eventful history of the city, which has become a melting pot of different civilizations. A good legacy would be tolerance and open-mindedness.



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Then, an essential passage to this curious fountain Heinzelmännchen which is worth a visit for its size and bas-relief typical of German culture. Fountain telling how the elves left the city of Cologne. They were there to help but the wife of the Couturier made them flee.

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This is the time when we will visit the beautiful Cologne Cathedral. Our guide will be keen to tell us his story, that of the presence of the bones of the three Wise Men and many other things.

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Finally, visit the old town, with the explanations of Hanna and Harald.

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Return to Bonn, along the banks of the Rhine, to reach Bonn Central Station, to the historic brewery "Im Stifefel" and the other group for dinner.

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The next day, free morning for the accompanying persons.
We are fortunate to have with us this morning our only man, in the person of Jacky, who will prove to be our great guide of the day.
A small book about Bonn was offered to us the day before, and we choose to discover the city, in relation to the information contained in this book. Similarly, we opt on the advice of Jacky, to make this discovery on foot.
Here we go! Head to the Post Tower, Bonn's new emblem since 2002. We hoped to be able to enter and climb to the top to get a point on Bonn, but unfortunately everything was closed.
No matter, we continue our walk. We pass in front of the United Nations building. We could see the metal work "integration" designed in 1976. Still on the banks of the Rhine, we stop in front of an intriguing work of art by the American artist Mark di Suvero: "The Allumé".

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We stroll in front of magnificent villas protected by many cameras. Villa Hammerschmidt former residence and work place of German presidents.
Here we are at the Rhineland Friedrich-Wilhelm University, where Karl Marx, Konrad Adenauer, Joseph Schumann and Josep Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) have studied, among others. At the entrance of the university, there is a statue in tribute to Stéphan Balkenhol.

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It's time to eat. A pause is in order. Some are hungry, others do not. But in the end everyone will opt for a sausage and chips in a café downtown.


While waiting for the group of administrators to arrive, some indulge in a bit of shopping in the city.


3pm, everyone is there, including guides for the city tour and Beethoven's house.

The group splits in two for translation, but before group photo on the balcony of the old city hall.




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Guided tour
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It's time to go back to the hotel, we take the metro.

It is 7:30 pm, closing ceremony and banquet.

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Thank you to our German friends for organizing this event.

Special thanks to Carola, Gaby, Hanna and Harald for their availability and the guided tours of the accompanying persons.








Laurence Lebeau
Association Lille