2024: Skiing in the Dolomites (Pozza di Fassa) from 21st – 28th January

pozza1 170After some people praised the ski week in Pozza at last year's Oscar, I decided to take part after all, especially as I think the area in Val di Fassa is really beautiful and I was very interested in the pistes there.
We were a very large group, as the participants from Alsace had come in a large coach. However, it wasn't just Jumeleurs, as we teamed up with another group of hikers and skiers to make the journey by coach possible.
Due to the large number of participants, there were inevitably several groups with different activities, so I can only describe those that I took part in myself.

The skiers were divided into 3 groups on the first day, each of which was accompanied by a "moniteur". Most of the hikes were proposed and led by Sybille Dörr from Karlsruhe. Mountain lifts were also used from time to time to extend the radius of action. It was almost always discussed the evening before to which ski area the bus would travel and which hike was planned. Most of the German participants planned their activities independently, usually in the same line-up as they had arrived.
I joined the French on 4 days of skiing and was of course very happy to be able to use the bus with them to get to the ski area.

On Monday we limited ourselves to the local ski area of Buffaure, then we travelled to the Sella Ronda area as far as Ortisei. On Wednesday, we travelled by bus to Predazzo to ski in the Latemar/Obereggen ski area, a very scenic area pozza4 300with excellently groomed pistes. I didn't go skiing on Thursday as I wanted to use the cross-country ski trails again.

After travelling around Pozza on Sunday, the day I arrived, this time I wanted to ski from Moena to Predazzo, which is already part of the Fiemme Valley, and back again. The trails there were excellently prepared, but it did get very warm as the day progressed. The skiers were on the Passo di San Pellegrino that day.

On Friday, we went from the ski resort in Pozza over the pistes to the Belvedere ski resort and on to Arabba. There we headed up to the highest point, the Porta Vescovo (2,478 metres), which is right opposite the Marmolada. The panorama there was of course fantastic, but this is actually true of all the ski resorts in the area. Fortunately, we had good weather all the time, so we were always able to enjoy the marvellous views. Friday was the last day of skiing for me, the French skied the entire Sella Ronda on Saturday.
pozza5 300fI had decided to go on an excursion to Bolzano on Saturday with some of the German participants and my French room partner - by bus, which was free thanks to the guest card. We spent a wonderful day there in a great atmosphere, visiting the market, a typical wine bar and a café on the central Piazza Walther.

That evening it was time to say goodbye, as the coach and some of the car crews wanted to leave before eight o'clock on Sunday morning, as the road through the village was closed from 8.15 a.m. due to the Marcialonga, an international cross-country skiing competition.

about the Hotel Meida I would like to say that the food was fantastic, there was a large starter buffet and we could always choose from 4 proposals for the first, main course and dessert. However, I found my room very small, the shower took some getting used to, as did the sauna and whirlpool, for which you had to book hours in advance and which had to be used in swimwear. Some of the participants were accommodated in the Hotel Anda, which belongs to the Meida. However, they had to get to the Meida for dinner, which meant walking across a totally icy car park and across the road, which was not without danger. The Anda has a swimming pool and another sauna, but the latter was only available for a fee.

Rosi Kässer
Stuttgart association