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Dear Eurojumelages friends

Every country has its own very special traditions and customs. Most go back to the culture and history of the individual countries and towns. They have been passed on from generation to generation and continue to shape people's lives.

Cultural monuments are also part of the identity of a town or region as cultural heritage.

Within this context, we would be delighted if you could present a tradition, a custom or a cultural monument of your town or region on the Eurojumelages homepage using photos and a short text, in connection with your personal experiences, so that the Eurojumelages community can appreciate the members’ individual heritage: awareness of traditions, festivals, historical monuments, etc. certainly contributes to our ideals of cultural exchanges and international understanding.

In my region, the Rhineland, for example, carnival is currently being celebrated, a tradition that goes back to the ancient Germans.

Now let your creativity run free!

Please send us your photos (as a JPEG file) and the accompanying text by clicking on this link

Please also briefly confirm that you own the rights to the images and agree to their publication free of charge on the Eurojumelages website.

Contributions so far: Cologne Carnival, Holy Week in Mendrisio, Europe Day in BonnDiamond Hill - more than a hill walk

We are looking forward to many more contributions!

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